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E16 6AW

Written by Tatenda Shamiso and Ting-Hsuan Wang
8Flat Company
Stage Manager

'E16 6AW' by 8Flat Company was my first experience stage managing a production. This was a devised piece around the themes of loss and environmental change. The piece was set in a block of flats, where the characters actions would directly affect their neighbours although they never meet.
As stage manager, I was responsible for;
- Arranging the rehearsal schedule, taking into account competing study and work commitments.
- Booking Rooms.
- Managing the budgets and the finances related to the production.
- Cueing lighting and audience control.
- Keeping note of actors attendance and of the rehearsal process.
- Liaising between the different departments involved in the production and troubleshooting scheduling clashes.
- Designing the poster and the social media.
Through this project, I learnt the basics of stage management using the guidance given by the department.
It was unfortunate that we were unable to perform the final production due to Covid-19 as we had two weeks before the performance.
This performance was a part of the Goldsmiths TM2 'Flood' Theatre Festival.

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