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Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music Directed and conducted by Laurence Cummings March 2017 Role: Gustavo's gang/escorts

Playing a small part in 'Faramondo' offered a great learning experience. 'Faramondo' was an opera performed by members of the Royal School of Music as part of the Handel Festival. It was directed/ conducted by the wonderful Laurence Cummings.
I was cast as one of two women and four men from my East15 Drama School class to take part in this production. We were there to support the opera singers.
Cummings gave us little comedic bits to do as background, which included having our ears sung into by wonderful operatic voices (pictured below) and to leave a prop restroom with my skirt in my knickers.
I enjoyed the process and experienced another side to theatre I was not familiar with. I had ignorantly never heard of Handel before this process, but I had known a vague version of Faramondo's arias by the end of the shows.
It was my first experience of seeing my photograph alongside the singers in various popular publications.

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