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Hello, I am Grainne Robson and I have eperience in professional, amateur and fringe theatre.

Growing up in Nottingham, I was grateful to be in a city offering ready access to both professional and amateur theatres. I have always enjoyed creating, from writing mini plays and sketches, to acting, filming and graphic design.  As a child I took part in every theatre class I could, including: StageCoach which offered singing and dancing opportunities at venues such as Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall and the Lace Market Youth Theatre in my teens where I gained an understanding of collaborative devising and improvisation as well as the mechanics of running a local amateur theatre. As an actor at the Lace Market Theatre I was also able to experience the contrasting methods used by different directors. In Sixth Form College I continued to focus on roles outside of acting from production to writing and directing. I was also visiting a range of creative events from art exhibitions, to plays, having become a reviewer for a local paper (Nottingham Alternative Film Network). This all combined to cement my desire to pursue a career in theatre. 


I went to study a foundation course in acting at EAST 15 Drama School where I focused on honing my acting skills. During 2020 I was privileged to observe and work with a number of brilliant actors and directors.

I then decided to study for a degree in theatre at Goldsmiths University to further broaden my experience in the field, where I gained a 1:1 Bachelors in theatre and wrote my dissertation on the themes of racism and Blackface in UK comedy.

From my time at University and Drama School, it became obvious the inequalities within the curriculum and within the roles available for anyone that cannot be identified as a straight, white man. Although I have a lot of love for Shakespeare, Chekhov and Brecht, this can easily be rectified to show the diversity of modern theatre and how it reflects the world we live in now. I hope that one day I can be in a position to somewhat rectify this and that we can see a more diverse selection of productions and stories on the stage.

I was the Event Organiser of London's largest student theatre festival ACT II and I have created a production company 'Salt Circle Productions', which you can read more about in the menu above.

Our aim as a company is to create a 'Utopia' for LGBTQI+ and women across theatre, creating characters that are relatable but not about stereotyping.

In late 2023 I assisted the director Isobel Marr on a short contract for '2:22 A Ghost Story' at Runaway Entertainment for their upcoming tour across the UK. In early 2024 I directed a clown fringe show by Arden Winant called 'Bea P. Deigh' at The Pen Theatre in Bermondsey which has now received funding to perform at Camden Fringe at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town in August 2024. Recently I have been directing R and D clown and comedy shows.




Currently, I am directing and producing projects freelance across London and the UK with my company 'Salt Circle Productions' (including theatre, podcasts/radio and film) and independantly, which you can read more about in the menu above.

I have recently finished studying an MA in Theatre Directing at Mountview in London.

If you would like to be kept up to date with what I am working on currently, please feel free to follow me on my social media.

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