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Salt Circle Productions
Date TBC in 2022

“New Upsbridge is a sleepy, little town slap bang in the middle of England. Full of people who fear God on a Sunday and worry about their Victoria Sponges the rest of the week, it is safe to say nothing much happens. That is until the face of Jesus appears in Mary Webber’s toast, and everything changes. No longer sleepy, the town bursts to life with excitement and joy. One day a stranger comes to town offering to buy it. The only problem is Mary Webber won’t part with it for anything. Tensions rise, boil over and explode as the town tears itself apart trying to get its hands on both the slice of toast and the riches being offered. As the town descends into anarchy a question arises: who is this stranger anyway? They say they work for the church, but why then does it feel like a deal with the devil?”

            The show format is of four intercutting monologues by members of the town, as well as town hall Ted-X style meetings as the stranger offers, blackmails and cajoles the people of the town. Each of the town residents has a personal effect they find sacred to them – be it a Swiftie with hardcore memorabilia “signed by her could you believe!”, a priceless piece of jewellery given by a dead spouse, or indeed their own reputation. As the townsfolk fall prey to the stranger’s threats, bribes and promises they go to lengths they couldn’t believe were possible. Through an absurd, comedic tale the show explores themes of capitalism and religion, the nature of faith, celebrity vs messiah and group think. Through the show we raise the question of what is the difference between a signed Taylor Swift guitar-pick and the bone of St Methuselah? It invites the audience to reflect on what our own personal relics are, and when all is said and done, what we would do to protect them.

Written by queer, ex- Christian Cat Addens, the show draws on their experience of religion, both in their proper Church in Wales upbringing and their descent into self-loathing following their brief attendance at an Evangelical Church. Cat also draws on their love of absurd comedy, Victoria Wood and classic British comedy, as well as their appreciation of a good old-fashioned fable.

Salt Circle Productions is a London-based, comedy theatre company that focuses on creating platforms for queer writers and marginalised voices. Their previous show “A Masterclass with Cumley St. Claire – Freeing the Florist Within” received positive reviews, with View from the Outside calling it a “must watch for those who like their comedy anarchic, mildly obscene and brimming with tragedy”. Salt Circle Productions also run a recurring new writers night and networking event called “To Whom it May Concern” which showcases short monologues written by emerging writers.√

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